Friday, July 1, 2016

Art Quest # 2 - Pollock

Art Quest #2 - In the style of Jackson Pollock

 Your challenge is to paint like Jackson Pollock!

In order to do this, you'll have to learn a little about him.

Who was he?
What style did he paint in?
What medium (things) did he use to paint?
When did he live?  

Search the internet, paint your amazing piece of art work, and send us a picture!
Here are a few sites to get you started..

Jackson Pollock is one of my favorite American painters.  Favorite because it's SO fun to do a Pollock!  
Please, Please, Please, wear an apron and put your artwork in a box or outside or something before you fling paint!

What type of art did he do? rated as one of the best websites to view with the Ipad! 
Paint like Pollock on the internet - (save and print them too!)  click your mouse to change colors!!!!

Wikipedia link on Jackson Pollock...

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