Friday, July 15, 2016

Art Quest # 4 - Matisse

Art Quest #4 - In the Style of Matisse

Your challenge is to paint, or paper cut like Matisse!
In order to do this, you'll have to learn a little about him.  
Who was he?
What style did he paint in?
What medium (things) did he use to do art?
When did he live?  

Search the internet, paint your amazing piece of art work, and send us a picture!
Here are a few sites to get you started..

Who is the artist
What style of art did he do?

FauvismFauvism was an art style that lasted only four years, beginning in 1905. The leader of this movement was Henri Matisse. The word Fauvism is french for "wild beasts". It got this name because the paintings had bright and unusual colors. The subjects in the paintings were shown in a simple way, and the colors and patterns were bright and wild.

What impact did this artist have on art or the world?

Web links to help you find your way:

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